Morning Shower Surprise

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Kat and I usually run on different shower schedules. She likes to shower at night and for me there is nothing better than starting your day off with nice hot shower. This works out great because it gives each of us access to the bathroom by ourselves.
We usually let the other person have their personal time in the shower without interruption. Don’t get me wrong there are times we intentionally shower or bathe together and enjoy it. Also, it’s not unusual for either of us to masturbate in the shower alone. There are times Kat will come to bed after her nightly shower and let me know that she has just enjoyed the pleasures of our shower massager or the feel of her rotating face scrubber on her clit (she has one for her face and one for other purposes). There are many days I start my morning off by stroking myself during my morning shower as well.
A few mornings ago I was up early and in the shower. I had left Kat in bed and thought that’s where she would be until I woke her with our morning coffee after my shower. This day was one of those days that my morning hard-on wouldn’t go away. So after I had finished all my normal shower tasks of washing, shampooing and shaving I decided to take a little time to pleasure myself. I squirted out a handful of conditioner (best shower lube), leaned my back against the shower wall and slowly began to stroke myself. Images of what I would soon be seeing after my shower were running through my head: Kat lying in bed naked, the way she looks when I slide the covers off of her and expose her flesh to the morning air, watching her sit up, stretch and show off those amazing tits. I was taking it slow and steady, no rush that morning.
I was in my world when a noise snapped me out of it. The toilet flushed and immediately I knew that Kat had come in to use the restroom without my noticing. We have a solid shower curtain, so I didn’t see or hear her come in. I didn’t stop stroking, as a matter of fact the excitement grew as I knew my naked wife was right behind the shower curtain. I was beginning to wonder if she was just going to head back to bed or the kitchen, when a hand reached in and slowly, opened the shower curtain and pulled it all the way open. I was in front of her, soaking wet, completely nude in the shower with my hand slowly stroking my cock. She stood in front of me completely bare as well just staring at me. Kat didn’t say a word, neither did I. She just slowly backed up and sat down on the toilet lid and watched as I stroked my cock in front of her.
At this point, I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. This was now as much for her as it was for me. I slowed the pace down as much as I could to make sure the show could go on for a while. I would occasionally open my eyes and look at Kat. She never made eye contact with me because her gaze was focused solely on my hand and my cock. The next time I opened my eyes, she had her legs spread wide, and both of her hands were massaging her breasts. The next time I looked, one hand was still on her breast, and one was sliding down her stomach. The next time I looked, her hand was now sliding up and down her glistening pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes away after that.

There we were, watching each other masturbate in front of one another. My stroking pace was quickening, and so was the speed at which she was thrusting her finger inside of her pussy. As I continued to stare at her, she slowly got up and made her way to the shower. I didn’t know if she was getting in or what was on her mind. Instead, she knelt down in front of the shower with her knees right against the tub. She then leaned back on her hands exposing her entire body to me. She finally looked up right into my eyes and said her first words of the morning, “Cum all over me.”
I stepped forward in the shower toward her and started stroking as fast as I could. With my free hand, I grabbed the shower rod overhead and leaned out as far as I could. Her eyes had moved back to my cock, and I swear she was licking her lips in anticipation. That put me over the edge, and I began to cum. The slow build up had created some pent-up energy that shot my cum on her chest and stomach. As I came on her, she tilted her head back and just enjoyed the feeling of my hot cum on her. I released my cock and leaned back against the shower wall. She sat up and slowly used her hands to do two things at once. One hand went to her breast and started to rub my cum all over her. The other went to the shower curtain and pulled it closed. As she was walking out I heard her say, “Hurry up and finish, I need some coffee.”

Home is Where the Hard On is!

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I hate being away from KR, but I absolutely love coming home to her. We find ways to stay sexually connected to each other when we are apart (she wrote about it here). But the best part of being away is the welcome home sex!

This past Friday, I got home from a 4 day trip and was looking forward to being home. I didn't get to the house until about 8:30 that night. I was feeling tired after a long flight and drive. I was feeling hungry because I hadn't had dinner. And I was feeling horny because I wanted to fuck my wife! My whole ride home my dick was as hard as a rock!

I got through the door, hugged the kids, told them I was glad to see them and they were back off to their rooms. Kat stopped me in the living room and without words demanded that I kiss her. It wasn't a quick, glad to see you kiss. It was a deep, I want you to fuck my brains out kiss. I dropped everything and we took off toward the bedroom. She slid her pants and underwear down to her ankles and I unzipped enough to get my cock out and then it was on! She had her hands on the bed, ass in the air and I was standing behind her still fully clothed thrusting in and out of her. She reached back and grabbed her ass checks and spread them apart for me. When she does that I have such an incredible view of me going in and out.  It also is her way of telling me she wants me to play with her ass. I reached over to the night stand and grabbed the lube and squirted some on my fingers and on her ass. She doesn't like anal, but she does like a finger in her ass on occasion. I slowly slipped one finger inside her ass and continued to fuck her. This put her over the edge pretty quickly and I wasn't far behind. I just kept thrusting until I exploded inside of her. I don't think the whole encounter lasted more than 7 or 8 minutes. We were both so horny from being apart we needed a quick release.

Later that night after dinner and a shower, we took our time with each other. One of us will share that one later

Cumming Home!

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Well this is the first post written from my perspective, Kat. I'll be the first to admit I'm not as adept or gifted at writing as Daniel is, but we are both enjoying the venture into sex blogging.

I'm writing because Daniel has been away for about 4 days and will be getting home tomorrow. I've often wondered how other couples handle being apart from each other. After being married for 20 years we have gone through many times being apart. Sometimes just for days and other times it has been up to 3 weeks.

Here is our typical routine when we are away from each other.

1.  Sex Before You Hit the Door. This is the obligatory we aren't going to see each other for a while so we better have sex. I know both of us enjoy these sex sessions, but they are often pretty normal and routine. I've often thought, what if this really was the last time we ever had sex together (God forbid something should happen), is this as good as we can do. Again, it's not bad sex, it's just not "this is the last time we might fuck" sex!

2. The 48 Hour Rule. After 20 years of marriage we have learned that we both need some kind of regular sexual interaction. My hubby calls it the 48 hour rule. We can't go 48 hours without some kind of sexual interaction with each other, even if we are away. So when we are away from each other we have to get creative in how this works. Technology has certainly helped this over the years. We have used phone sex, sexting, writing sexual fantasies about each other and emailing them, and now sharing live images of each other over facetime. When we are apart we really try hard to follow this rule. Sometimes it can get interesting when I'm out with friends and he has some time alone in his hotel room. The sexting and pictures he sends can get pretty graphic. Only one of my gf's knows what is going on. She just laughs and says, "getting your 48 hour fix?"

3. Give Yourself a Hand. The topic and idea of masturbation hasn't always been an easy thing in our relationship. Because of my upbringing I always felt masturbation was wrong. I'll share my current thoughts and journey to those thoughts sometime later. However, today masturbation is huge part of our relationship. He tells me every time he masturbates and I do the same for him. Although he likes more details than I do! When we are apart, pleasuring ourselves is the norm. Sometimes we have even had contests to see who can cum the most when we are apart. We have masturbated over facetime for each other before. I love the idea that he would rather watch me than some movie in the hotel room!

4. Welcome Home Fuck. I think because we help build the sexual tension and anticipation for each other why we are apart, the welcome home fuck is one of our favorites. Once we get back together we take a few minutes for the normal hellos and welcome home from the kids, but probably with in about 10 minutes of our reunion we are naked and in the bed together. Our welcome home fuck usually follows this routine, fast, hard, cum as quick as you can sex, followed by some type of extended oral action on each other. We usually wind up doing 69 until he is ready again. Then we take our time and enjoy each other for quite a while. It usually ends with him behind me pumping as hard and fast as he can until he cums.

That is our basic routine. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when he get's home. Maybe I'll get him to write about our "welcome home fuck" tomorrow night!

If you are in a relationship how do you handle staying connected sexually when you are apart? We would love to hear your thoughts.


Sex Three Ways - Part 3

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Is there any better site than looking down on the bed and seeing your wife laying there naked and fully satisfied. I love the glow on her face, the steady rise and fall of her chest, and the slight sheen of sweat on her body that tells me just how much her body has been enjoying what we have been doing. With two out of my three tasks completed (read about part one here and part two here), Kat had informed me that task three of making her cum with  just my cock was now up to me. 

I got up off the bed and began to undress as she just laid there and watched. As I took each piece of clothing off I watched her eyes to see what she was looking at. When I finally took off my last article of clothing, my boxer briefs, not only did her eyes move to my cock but a slight grin came across her face. I love the fact that my wife still looks upon me with lust in her eyes. 

I was already hard from all the previous action and was ready to be inside of my wife. I knew that this night called for one of our favorite positions that just about always makes her cum quickly! We call it the pounder. It is simply me on top of her with her legs up around my shoulders and me pounding in and out of her as fast as I can. I usually don't last long in this position, but tonight that was alright because this was about her.

As I approached the bed, I told Kat what position I had in mind. Without a word she slid up to top of the bed, moved the pillow out from under her head and placed under her hips. She then reached down and grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs up to her chest fully exposing herself to me and simply said, "Pound it!"

I quickly crawled between her legs, knelt in front of her grabbed my cock and slid it into her wet pussy. Not only was she wet on the inside, but the inside of her thighs and ass were also drenched. She felt amazing as I slowly slid all the way into her and held it there for just a second. I told her, "Once I start, I'm not stopping until we both cum." She looked into my eyes and simply replied, "I'm ready."

I grabbed her legs just above where her hands were and got into firing position. I then started the pounding. My hips started firing in and out and my hands were pulling her into me to meet my thrusts. There was nothing slow or gentle about this. You could hear the sounds of flesh slapping against one another, the squishing of her wet pussy and ass cheeks slapping up against me, the headboard of our bed slamming against the wall, both of us moaning and calling out to each other. If someone would have walked in at that point I think we would have looked more like two wild animals fucking that a nice middle-aged couple with two kids. 

With the sensitively level of her pussy so high after our earlier action, it took only a minute or two before she was cumming again. As she started to cum I pushed her legs forward and lifted myself off the bed so that all that I was kind of in a push up exercise position on top of her. The only things of mine touching the bed were the palms of my hands and my feet. I was literally pounding down into her over and over again. Kat was in the midst of another orgasm as I could feel mine starting to build. We had only been doing this for maybe five minutes, but the sights, sounds and smells in that room were driving me to cum pretty quickly. 

I held on as long as I could, but when the explosion came I dropped down into her one last time and felt my cock spasm over and over again filling up up to overflowing. Kat reached her arms and legs around me and pulled me in close to kiss. This wasn't a quick after sex kiss, this was a deep, tongues in every part of your mouth kiss. It went on for quite some time. As we kissed she slowly kept grinding her pussy up against me and probably had couple other small orgasms. 

We finally broke our embrace and slowly pulled our mouths and tongues from one another. Neither of us said anything for a few minutes. We just kind of stared at each other and lightly caressed each other's body. I began to roll off of her, but before I could she held me there, looked deep into my eyes and said, "I love having your cum inside of me. Don't let it come out." So we slowly rolled over so that we were face to face but side by side with me still inside of her. We slowly drifted off to sleep in that position. 

I love being married to my wife and glad I'm the only one that gets to fuck her!

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Sex Three Ways - Part 2

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Just so you know my wife is not usually the aggressive type. Although she throughly enjoys sex and and the pleasures surrounding it, it's not often that she let's that 'animal instinct' take over and allows herself to be consumed by the idea of needing sex at that very moment no matter what. However, part 2 of this story is one of those moments. (If you haven't read part 1 do so here.)

As we left the kitchen I got to experience one of my favorite views of all time. My wife walking in front of me with nothing on but a short shirt. I love the way her ass looks and moves while she is walking. At that moment I wished our hallway was just a bit longer so I could continue to enjoy that view. However, I knew that part two of my task was to now bring her to full pleasure with nothing but the use of my lips and tongue.

As we moved into the bedroom I had already pictured in my mind how this was going to happen. Our usually position for me giving her oral is her on her back with a small pillow under her head and a larger pillow under her hips and me laying face down in between her legs. (Similar to the picture on the right.)

However on this night, Kat had a different plan. I don't know if it was the experience we had just had a the kitchen table, or the fact we had the place to ourselves, or if something else just clicked inside of her, but she told me to lay on my back so that she could straddle my face. It's not like we have never done this position before, but it is rare. What caught me off guard was the look in her eyes and the tone of her voice when she said "I want to fuck your face!"

I quickly jumped on the bed not even taking the time to remove any of my clothing. In a matter of seconds she had lifted her shirt off and climbed on top of me completely nude. She continued to move up my torso until her legs were planted on either side of my head and her hands were gripping our headboard. I looked up and saw a wonderful site. Right above my face was her moist pussy. For my pleasure, she keeps it either shaved or trimmed. This night it had just a bit of stubble, but no hair to block my view of her slit. Not only was her slit almost dripping wet, it was still open from having my fingers in it just a few moments before. But not only did I love the look of her pussy, but I also enjoyed looking up into her eyes and seeing the dazed look of desire, want and need all in one.

She looked down at me and said "Stick out your tongue." I did so without hesitation and she immediately begin to lower herself onto my face. With perfect aim she place my tongue at the entrance to her pussy and let it linger there for a moment. I kept my head on the pillow and allowed her to control the timing and level of contact. My tongue began to lick up and down and side to side as I traced around the edges of her lips. As I looked up I saw her eyes close, her head lean back and her grip tighten on the headboard. It was then she lowered herself completely onto my face. My lips parted her pussy lips and my tongue slid into her hole. She slowly began to rock her hips forward and back as I simply did my best to french kiss her pussy. (similar to picture on the left)

In this position it didn't take long for my mouth to begin to fill with a combination of my saliva and the juices coming from her pussy. I love the taste of that combination in my mouth and happily swallow it to continue the process. It's not long until she is grinding down harder onto my face. I can feel her moving her hips to an angle where her clit is not rubbing up again the front on my nose as I continue to fuck her with my tongue. This is when she really begins to let go and I begin to hear her moan, grunt and whimper as her orgasm grows closer. I know she is close as her legs tighten around my head and she quickens the pace of her rocking back and forth on my face. She let out a scream and then called out something like the following, "Eat me, eat my pussy, eat every part of it. Lick my wet cunt! Make it cum in your mouth!"

Her body began to shake and I could taste the change in the flavor of her pussy as she began to give in to her orgasm. Kat is not a squirter, but she does get really wet we she is really aroused. And my mouth was filling over and over again with her wetness. Her orgasm lasted for a couple of minutes and was actually probably a combination of two or three orgasms that hit her in succession. As she was coming down off of her high, her pussy hit that incredibly sensitive state to where she wanted to continue but the sensation was just too overwhelming. Without warning she lifted herself slightly off my face and leaned backwards on top of me so that she was laying on top of me with her knees up and her pussy slightly below my chin. I could look down and she her chest heaving up and down as she was trying to catch her breath. I lightly began to blow on her pussy just to give her a slight sensation. In between breaths I reminded her "That's 2 out of is my cock!" Her heavy breathing continued and in a deep breathy voice she said, "This time you are going to have to do all the work, but I'm ready when you are."

I slowly rolled her body off of me so that I could remove my clothes and get ready for part be continued!

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Sex Three Ways - Part 1

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More times than not when we have sex we have to keep the noise level a little under control. With kids in the house and recently with relatives visiting, loud, screaming sex might create some interesting topics of conversation.

However when we do have the place to ourselves we like to make a lot of noise. This happened just the other night. The kids were gone and we had the house to ourselves. We had a quick dinner because both of us wanted to spend the majority of our evening in bed together. It actually started at the dinner table. As we were finishing our meal we began to talk about what we had in mind for the night. We were both pretty graphic about what we wanted. One of my ideas was for to make her cum three ways, with my hand, my mouth and my cock. Before I could finish all the details for her, she stood up and removed her pants and underwear and said, "Why don't you get started."

So I did. She sat back down and I reached over and spread her legs. I pulled her chair toward mine so that I could have better access to her pussy. I took my hand and slide it under her so that my hand was trapped in between her and the chair. My fingers began to play with her ass while my palm was rubbing up and down on her. She leaned back in the chair, slide herself forward and grabbed her legs with her hands and spread herself completely open for me and said "Let's start with your hands!"

It didn't take long and I had a finger inside of her. She was dripping wet. I slowly moved one finger in and out and used my thumb to rub back and forth across her clit. As she began to moan more and more I slipped another finger inside and turned my hand upside down so that I was pushing up against her g-spot. My other hand took over for my thumb on her clit and she was quickly moving toward orgasm.

This is when the noise started. Kat loves to get loud when she knows no one can hear her except me. First came the loud moans, then the screams of "yes" and then the cries of "make me cum!" over and over again. As she started cumming she let go of her legs, one ended up on top of the table the other spread out to her side. She put her hands on the chair and lifted her body ass of it and literally started fucking my hand. By this point I had another finger inside of her and pumping into her as fast as I could. Things continued to get noisy as she came and her leg was knocking dishes all around the table.

When she finished she ended up in my lap straddling me as we begin to passionately kiss each other. I could feel her grinding herself onto me as we continued to kiss. As we broke our kiss, she whispered in my ear, "Let's do the dishes and then you can start on me with your mouth!"

You've never seen anyone clear the dishes as quickly as we did, then we headed to our room for part 2...(to be continued)

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2am Wake Up Call

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I was sleeping pretty well last night until she woke me up at 2 am by climbing on top of me and demanding sex. My wife is usually a pretty sound sleeper and doesn't like to be woken up. But for whatever reason that night she woke up all hot and bothered. She told me later that when she woke up at 2am she knew she either had to have sex right then or take care of things herself. I don't remember much about how things got started. The first memory I have is looking up and seeing her sitting on top of me with my dick already inside of her. I imagine she was taking advantage of one of my many nightly erections.

The sex was fast paced. She was grinding down on me with all her might and as I came to my senses I began to use my hands to play with her breasts. She was in total control of this action and I didn't mind at all. In about half the time as usual she was climaxing and enjoying the sensations sweeping over her body. I remember grabbing her hips as she orgasmed and helping her to continue to bounce up and down on me. She had another orgasm in quick succession and I was just a few minutes behind her in my orgasm. We never said a word to each other during the love making session. And as we finished, she simply laid down of top of me and then rolled beside me and drifted back off to sleep. There was no rush to clean up or worry about getting the sheets dirty. 

What a great middle of the night surprise! I hope to return the favor to her in the near future.

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A Little About Us

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If you are going to join us on this journey, you might want to know a little bit more about us. We are getting ready to celebrate 20 years of marriage this year, both of us are 40 years old which means that yes we have been married since we were 20 years old. We have two teenage kids that currently are a blessing (I'm sure that could change at any moment).

Kat works full time and is amazingly beautiful. Looking at her you wouldn't guess she is 40. She regularly passes for someone in their mid 20's. She is about tall with dark hair and for all you men you is a 36C. Daniel works and travels a good bit, which means there is a night or two a week that he is away from home. He is pretty athletic and trim especially for someone in their early 40's.

As mentioned earlier we have been together since we were in college. And as hard is it as to believe we have never had another sexual partner than one another. Truth is, we were both virgins when we got married. We have never regretted waiting until marriage or being exclusive to one another. It certainly hasn't hampered our sex life, as a matter of fact we think our sex life is pretty amazing!

Our goal is to put our sexual experiences into writing. This is a journal for us to look back on and other to look in on. Our hope is that 20 years from now we will have an incredible picture of our sexual experiences. Hopefully we will still be adding to it 20 years from now. We have thought about sharing some of our most memorable sexual encounters from our past 20 years as well.

We hope that you enjoy this journey, we know we will!

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